Why Ascencia Business School? 5 Reasons to Study Here, Now!

At Ascencia Business School, we value quality over everything else! Plenty of opportunities supported and guided by experienced faculty who are considered to be experts in their fields, specifically designed curriculum to suit both students and professionals, unique set of programs, specializations and much more.

We assure to offer you the finest learning experience that ensures in creating a strong career path and further help you in boosting the same. And irrespective of your current status, be it a student or working professional, our program schedules have been contemplated and designed in such a way that they do not miss out on the best!

Take a look at some of the top reasons to convince you on why to study at Ascencia Business School now:

1. Pioneer in MBA with Data Science & AI in UAE

With pride and happiness, we announce that Ascencia Business School is the pioneer in UAE to introduce MBA with Applied Data Science & AI. Structured for those who seek to be upfront, this program is perfectly designed to help them build their own Data Science and AI prototypes while giving them exposure to leading tools & platforms like IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, Data IKU, etc.

2. Program choices

At Ascencia Business School, we aim at providing our students with a learning experience that is beyond exceptional. The programs at our Business School are accredited and recognized by leading names, handpicked and curated in order to befit the schedule and requirements of both students and working professionals equally. Also, certain programs are unique i.e., MBA with Applied Data Science & AI which acts as an added advantage in this competitive market. Class timings are flexible and ensures that no student misses out on classes, interactive sessions or in that matter, anything or everything crucial.

3. Approved by World Education Services (WES)

Ascencia Business School’s programs are approved by World Education Services (WES), an organization that evaluates formal academic degrees from credible institutions upon completing certain criteria.

4. Best in France

Our programs, knowledgeable and passionate faculty, well-equipped teaching methods, and not to forget, our constant efforts to better our performance each day has earned us the tag of the best education institution in France. Being ranked as the 19th best institution in France just adds to the tag!

5. Accreditation

MBA program specialized in Applied Data Science & AI is recognized by the French Ministry of Labor as Certified Qualification of level I within the National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP). Along with RNCP, an added advantage of accessing the online version through the Government website is offered to all!

BBA program at Ascencia Business School has been approved by Credential Evaluators for Migration and graduating from such a college comes with a multitude of benefits.

Join now and be a part of a revolution to learn, build and succeed only at Ascencia Business School. From BBA to MBA programs, we offer an extensive learning experience and mould our students to be team players, leaders and founders of solutions in this competitive environment. For details regarding our programs, visit – https://ascenciamiddleeast.com/