MBA (Applied Data Science & AI)

Channel the power of data, technology and management to scale greater heights

MBA (Applied Data Science & AI)


A program combines the power of data science, machine learning, and management theories to make business decisions. MBA in Applied Data Science and AI program at Ascencia Business School is the pioneer in this field. We strive to offer our students a balanced mix of classroom learning with exposure to leading tools and platforms. MBA in Applied Data Science and AI is a 1 year program recognized by the French Ministry of Labor as Certified Qualification of level I within the National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP). Ranked as the 9th best in Paris & 19th in France, we assure you nothing short of an exceptional learning experience with a smart combination of Data Science Framework and Business Cases. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, two new verticals that turned heads, have become the most sought-after subjects and technologies in the present time. The ability to collect, analyze, evaluate, and apply the AI tool during the process will help the organization create data-driven decisions. The technology extracts data, analyses patterns, and makes future predictive models that would benefit them in the future - a technology that can forecast future events based on real-time data.

Why specialize in Applied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence?

  • Become a Data Science Manager who has mastered the nuances of business management, machine learning, data science, and analytics.
  • Make business decisions through data analysis and provide recommendations for better performance based on real-time and reliable data.
  • Zero Coding Pedagogy using ElyvateU Labs.
  • Gain hands-on experience in building your own Data Science and AI Prototypes.
  • The whole program gives you the freedom to follow a flexible schedule. It is made accessible for all, especially working professionals with restrictions regarding attending the class sessions.

We believe every businessman or professional must possess all the knowledge taught on our course here. Ascencia Business School is an established school for decades with top rankings across all rewarding institutions. With the partnership with ATMS in the middle east, the MBA course is taught over Microsoft Teams in line with the pandemic’s restrictions. However, they will soon resume at our state of the art facilities. Our faculty are highly qualified and are also recognised names within their respective fields.

With our exceptional teaching and easy-to-understand curriculum, you will build a robust foundation for your own business, employment or further study.

An MBA in applied data science or artificial intelligence is an advanced degree program that combines the fields of business and technology. These programs provide students with the necessary technical skills and business knowledge to succeed in the modern business world. Pursuing an MBA in applied data science or artificial intelligence allows students to develop a deep understanding of data analysis, machine learning, and other advanced technologies that are becoming increasingly important in the workplace. These degree programs typically cover topics such as statistics, programming languages, and data visualization, while also providing students with practical business skills such as project management, leadership, and strategic thinking. Graduates of these programs are well-positioned to pursue careers in fields such as data science, machine learning, and business analytics, as well as in management and executive positions where they can leverage their technical expertise to drive innovation and growth.