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At Ascencia Business School, we strive to provide a learning environment through academic and extracurricular events. To mould team players, leadership qualities, competitiveness and a healthy mindset, we conduct events frequently throughout the academic year.

Finance of Corporations in the Age of Global Capital Markets

27 May 2024

A substantial paradigm shift has occurred in the financing of corporations during...

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Productivity Enhancement via Agile Project Management

26 May 2024

Agile project management has significantly revolutionized the way in which productivity is...

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Difficulties and Solutions in the Digital Age for Brand Management

25 May 2024

Brand management has been profoundly transformed by the digital age, which has...

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An Investigation into the Gig Economy: The Lens of Employee Opinions and Corporate Approaches

24 May 2024

The traditional labour market has been profoundly altered by the gig economy,...

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The Successful Integration of Ethics into Corporate Governance Strategies

21 May 2024

Integrating ethics into corporate governance strategies is more vital than ever in...

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Beyond Compliance: Establishing a Corporate Culture Based on Ethics

13 May 2024

Corporate governance and ethics are crucial in the contemporary business environment for...

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The AI Advantage: Enhancing Innovation and Business Efficiency

12 May 2024

The business environment is being revolutionized by artificial intelligence (AI), which provides...

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Artificial Intelligence’s Substantial Impact on E-commerce Innovation

11 May 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the way in which businesses operate online...

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Implementing the Business Continuity Blueprint to Guarantee Success and Survival

10 May 2024

Dilemmas are an unavoidable aspect of the contemporary business landscape. A multitude...

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An Examination of the Influence of Psychology on Consumer Decision-Making

09 May 2024

A Comprehensive comprehension of consumer behaviour is imperative for enterprises aiming to...

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