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Master of Business Administration (MBA), one step ahead to think and manage a multitude of things. One of the most demanded and popular program, MBA at Ascencia Business School sets itself apart from the others with the total student and learning experience. It is also an RNCP certified program and one can access its online version on the Government website. Backed by a panel of experts, students are surrounded by people, chances, resources and an environment to learn, grow and excel every day. This 1 year program covers the significant aspects under management which will benefit people working in public and private sectors. Helping students discover more about topics of their interest, our MBA program gives them 6 specialisations to choose from. Each specialisation is backed by faculty who are experts in their fields, curriculum that is constantly updated to match the dynamics of the market, and community building activities.



We believe every businessman or professional must possess all the knowledge taught on our course here. Ascencia Business School is an established school for decades with top rankings across all rewarding institutions. With the partnership with ATMS in the middle east, the MBA course is taught over Microsoft Teams in line with the pandemic’s restrictions. However, they will soon resume at our state of the art facilities. Our faculty are highly qualified and are also recognised names within their respective fields.

With our exceptional teaching and easy-to-understand curriculum, you will build a robust foundation for your own business, employment or further study.

Our Top MBA Specializations

The MBA (Digital Marketing) is an analytics pathway through our dynamic and modern MBA degree – designed to create marketing business leaders of the future.

The swiftly changing business contexts, technological advancements and social transformations mean marketing operations now highl rely upon generation, interpretations and analysis of digital data. This course seeks to develop the numerical and analytical skills needed to decipher data sets that are relevant to marketers. It produces a particular focus upon two principal domains in its design – big data and customer relationship management (CRM). This allows marketers to make sense of data and aid marketing decision making. Our programme will significantly benefit students with solid numerical skills and an aptitude for data analysis relevant to business decision making. Everything about our MBA is geared towards your career development, ensuring you graduate with a clearer vision of your future, so you can be sure you’re learning the leadership skills that employers need, and our expert faculty have the depth of knowledge to turn your passion and ambition into a realisable goal.

Renowned faculties from industry and reputed universities in the UK bring in real-world expertise. This would allow you to apply concepts learned in the program to the final project and create your digital strategy when you return to work.


The MBA in Engineering Management program is strategically designed for professionals who aim to bridge the gap between advanced engineering expertise and essential management skills. This program is ideal for engineers and technical specialists looking to elevate their career into management roles within the engineering sector.

The curriculum encompasses a range of modules to provide a solid foundation in both business and engineering management. Students start with core business concepts through Marketing Management, Research Methods, and Management Information Systems. Leadership and Financial Management modules develop crucial skills in managing teams and resources efficiently.

Operations Management, along with Communications & Negotiation Skills, emphasize practical approaches to managing complex engineering projects and organizational challenges. Managerial Economics, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Risk Management in Engineering introduce students to the economic aspects and innovative strategies within engineering contexts.

Special attention is given to contemporary issues in engineering through modules like Environmental & Sustainable Engineering and Data Analytics for Engineering Management. These subjects ensure graduates are well-equipped to make data-driven decisions and implement sustainable practices in their leadership roles.

A leap towards establishing your skills, passion, and to be business-ready! For people who always ideate about business opportunities and find ways to learn and succeed, pursuing an MBA in Entrepreneurship goes a long way. It helps them build financial stability, manage growth, be a significant part of market research, monetize innovation and create an environment for the business plan that is resistant to the ups and downs of establishing their market presence. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, students are exposed to various challenges, out of which a few are – generating business plans for a start-up/venture, strategizing, managing risk, finance and other aspects of the venture, figuring out and following the legal formalities, product design, and marketing, etc. Here’s why you should consider specializing in Entrepreneurship while pursuing your MBA program:

1. Familiarise yourself with the concept of starting something new and being good at it prior to doing it in reality. Your MBA in Entrepreneurship is an opportunity to put all your efforts into making your entrepreneurship dream come into existence with the managerial and industry experience you gain during this span of time.

2. Trains you to incorporate the skill set required for an entrepreneur. The coursework is targeted to familiarise the students with all the content (theoretical & practical) required to handle your business from scratch to the final i.e., plenty of mock-up situations to practice and test your skills.

3. Build professional networks with experts and professionals who have real-life experience as entrepreneurs. This not only gives you insights but can help in contacting them for future purposes as a mentor or an advisor.

4. More practical work than theory! When it comes to entrepreneurship your hands-on experience in the field matters the most. And at Ascencia Business School we provide our students’ various resources to capitalize on their thoughts and ideas, and moreover refine them via start-up incubators, internships, tie-ups with leading institutions/organizations, and industry partnerships.


A lucrative career choice with immense opportunities! MBA in Finance and Banking exposes you to an industry that will enhance your knowledge about the economy, financial skills, and business ideas. Establishing a career in this industry acquaints you to a few of the major industries worldwide, such as the corporate sector, real estate, investment services, and banking. With the topics — financial instruments, global economy, risk management, investment banking, and corporate finance, MBA degree in Finance and Banking will open up job opportunities from many avenues — Financial Analysts, Insurance & Risk Managers, Investment Bankers, Chief Financial Officers, Corporate Controllers, etc. If you aspire to establish a career in Finance and Banking, take a look at the benefits of pursuing this MBA specialization:

  1. You not only gain knowledge and experience in the Finance sector but also acquire skills in business. Having a stronghold over finance gives you an upper hand in managing the financial aspects of business, which is a crucial responsibility.
  2. Build a strong foundation in the practical and theoretical knowledge of investment strategies, profitable avenues, insurance & corporate risk, mergers and acquisitions, and a deep understanding of the local and global economy.
  3. Diverse career options – you can work in banking and non-banking sectors. The need to maintain the finance of an organization is present everywhere and thus, gives you an added advantage of applying in any industry.

The MBA in Health Insurance Management is a specialized program tailored for professionals seeking to advance their expertise in the health insurance sector. This program offers a unique blend of healthcare knowledge and business management skills, focusing on the intricacies and challenges of the health insurance industry.

Students will engage in a diverse array of subjects, starting with foundational courses like HC Marketing, Sustainable Leadership & Organizations, and Financial Management for Hospitals. The curriculum then dives deeper into specialized areas relevant to health insurance management, such as Health Service Operations Management, Strategic Management in Healthcare Organizations, and Informatics in Healthcare.

Key aspects of international practices are covered under International Health Law, while the Management of Care Processes and Quality Risk Management modules ensure a comprehensive understanding of maintaining standards in healthcare. Research Methods and Healthcare Data Analytics form the backbone of evidence-based decision-making in this field.

Specifically catering to the health insurance sector, the program includes focused modules on Health Insurance Products & Pricing and Risk Management in Health Insurance. This targeted approach equips students with the necessary tools and knowledge to lead and innovate in the dynamic world of health insurance.

Managing human resources in an organization isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Pursuing an MBA degree in Human Resource Management opens up plenty of career opportunities for HR professionals. Those who are willing to learn more about it, welcome to the most stimulating yet challenging course in the management industry. MBA in Human Resource Management is a 1-year post-graduation degree involving specialized training related to topics such as recruiting, onboarding, talent acquisition, training, and most importantly, retention of human resources in an organization. Building and maintaining relationships with human resources, engaging with them, motivating, and ensuring employee satisfaction are topics considered to be vast and complex. As a critical position in an organization, HR professionals deal with issues related to any dispute between employees, their conduct, compliance, and engagement at work.


Therefore, an in-depth understanding of the job role is achieved through the program as it acts as a guide to be an efficient HR professional.

  1. Human Resource, a versatile field, exposes students to various topics such as accounting, management fundamentals, finance, and operations with the core HR practices and theories.

  2. An MBA holder specialized in HR is open to various career options such as Director of Human Resources, HR Manager, Training & Development Manager, HR Management Analyst, etc. Also, this gives you a higher remuneration and package.

  3. Helps in refining the communication skills, supervision quality, and planning skills – which are required to be an HR professional.

If the “behind-the-scenes” of a random store you notice excites you, then you are at the right place. To be meticulous and aware of the planning process to create a project, providing support in terms of logistics to source materials, exploring and selecting apt production methods, distribution, and managing cost and risk, are the roles of supply chain manager. MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Ascencia Business School is to cater to the training needs of professionals hunting jobs in SCM operational activities. Most importantly, this program makes the students acquainted with the need to maximize cost efficiency and flexibility in unforeseen scenarios while not compromising on value & quality for its customers.

  1. This program gives in-depth knowledge and insight into the logistics and supply chain management field. In a modern world, where there are a million traders and a lot more supply chains, it is vital to choose suitable strategy sources for SCM. This program exposes them to handle such scenarios with its diversified modules.
  2. A clear understanding of logistics and SCM gives you a competitive advantage in the market. It helps in making better decisions for your organization. Thus, perform better in all means.
  3. Due to its significance in all businesses, both nationally and internationally, it is a top-rated sector, and starting a career in the logistics and SCM field will ensure that you have a stable job and remuneration.
  4. It is involved in the day-to-day operations of a business. Therefore, professionals in this field will have an exciting and insightful work experience every day.

Designed to develop future leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs, this specialization provides the students competitive, challenging yet fun and holistic tasks to bring out competent, smart, and multipotential professionals. When it comes to marketing, your theory knowledge does matter. However, the application of the same in real-life scenarios becomes a game-changer. And in a world where new ideas & inventions pop up every day, what good are those if not communicated and marketed to the apt audience? MBA in marketing clears the path to a challenging but fun career. And once you are in the field, what benefits do MBA in Marketing provides you?

  1. Perform well in your job role as you will learn to make better decisions with your insights about consumers and the market.
  2. Apply for jobs in different fields as marketing is an inevitable process or department in any organization. From Brand Manager to Marketing Research Analyst, Marketing Manager, Media Planning, Sales Manager, Product Management, and Business Development Manager. Your career options are not limited to a few.
  3. Earn high income with your marketing skills as this job position is a ceaseless one. The better you perform, the greater the opportunities.
  4. Innovate and think in the most creative ways to build strategies, implement, and evaluate to correct them, if any.
  5. Increased earnings/remuneration.

The MBA in Nursing Administration is an advanced educational pathway designed for nursing professionals aiming to elevate their careers in healthcare leadership and management. This program uniquely bridges the gap between clinical expertise and essential business strategies, creating leaders who can effectively navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

Students will delve into a comprehensive curriculum encompassing key areas such as HC Marketing, Sustainable Leadership & Organizations, Financial Management for Hospitals, and Health Service Operations Management. The program also covers specialized topics including Strategic Management in Healthcare Organizations, Informatics in Healthcare, International Health Law, and Quality Risk Management. With a focus on real-world applications, the coursework is meticulously crafted to provide knowledge in critical areas like Change Management, Population Health Management, and Healthcare Ethics & Compliance, ensuring graduates are well-equipped to drive innovation and excellence in healthcare.

According to the OPEC report, the Global oil demand is projected to rise by 38 million barrels a day to 115 mb/d by 2025 — annual average growth of 1.6 mb/d, or 1.7 per cent, over the years 2002–25. Many Oil and Gas (O&G) companies are looking to reinvent themselves by practicing capital discipline, focusing on financial health, committing to climate change, and transforming business models. Employment in the US oil and gas industry is set to rebound in the coming years and surpass pre-Covid levels, with almost 1.1 million projected workers by the end of 2027, according to Rystad Energy research.

Getting into the management of oil and gas would provide tremendous career opportunities in the areas of risk management, finance, marketing, operations, strategic management, supply chain and logistics. With the MBA in Oil and Gas management, you will learn the fundamentals of oil economics, the operational aspects of oil and gas, managing risks, strategy, finance, sustainability, marketing, supply chain and logistics. The MBA in oil and gas focuses on the application of management discipline in the context of oil and gas. This program is ideal for those who are looking to build or upskill their career in the oil and gas Industry.

Graduates of this program would be specifically skilled in completing projects efficiently, creatively, and profitably for a business. Analyzing, evaluating, ideating, developing, executing, and managing projects become the core objective of specializing in Project Management. Take a look at why one should take up MBA and specialize in Project Management:

1. Gain competitive advantage from the rest of the graduates as this program trains their students to take up highly responsible/leadership roles.

2. Ability to work in any and every growing industry – worldwide potential. Be it technology, healthcare, finance, law, and engineering.

3. Work smart by foreseeing challenges and prioritizing tasks accordingly.

4. Higher remuneration as you will be handling and managing one of the paramount aspects of running a business smoothly.

 5. Open to multiple career pathways such as Associate Project Manager, Information Innovation Project Director, Product Director, Senior Extend Supervisor, or Project Facilitator.

Quality management as a career is not just growing in numbers but in its importance too. Across the globe, organizations have come to recognize the significance of quality in their products and services which are arguably one of the building blocks of business success. Quality management helps in building and maintaining the reputation of the brand, driving customer satisfaction, and loyalty as well as accelerating business profitability and growth. According to, the estimated total pay for a quality management professional is $78,282 per year in the United States, with an average salary of $48,031 per year.

A large number of companies are investing in quality managers to ensure their products, services, or projects comply or meet high standards. Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, and TQM are some of the popular approaches to quality management. Today employers seek quality management professionals who are equipped with deep foundational knowledge and skills in the various domains of quality management. A well-recognized degree in quality management offers tremendous scope for professional growth and bring in lucrative offers and benefits.

This MBA in quality management is designed for working professionals who wish to carve out a space for themselves, accelerate career growth and earn a globally accredited and reputed master’s degree.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is one of the most popular and respected graduate degrees in business. It is designed for professionals who want to advance their careers and develop their leadership and management skills. In recent years, the popularity of online MBA programs has grown rapidly, offering students the flexibility to earn a degree while balancing their work and personal commitments.

The best online MBA programs offer a rigorous curriculum that covers a broad range of business topics, such as finance, marketing, management, and operations. They also offer students opportunities for practical experience, such as internships or consulting projects. The online format allows students to access course materials and interact with faculty and classmates from anywhere in the world, making it easier to fit their education into their busy lives.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best online MBA program for you. Program accreditation, faculty expertise, and program reputation are important considerations, as well as cost and the length of the program. It is also important to consider the program’s flexibility and resources for online students, such as access to online libraries and technology support.

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