The Battle Between Quarantine and Productivity: Ways to Utilise Time Efficiently


Quarantine and lockdown has put our mental health in a challenging position. Without any contact with the outside world for more than a month, within the four walls of our house, we have challenged our mind and body to get past time and each day, thanks to social media, hobbies, newly found interests and work! Spending our days in the same cycle will definitely bore us and eventually lead us to lose our sanity, given the stringent condition we live in. While doctors and experts are out there fighting against this deadly virus, here’s us suggesting some of the top few ways to fight this endless battle between lockdown and boredom:

1) Practice meditation

If there’s an effective method to keep your mind sane during this period of time, which requires very less resources and efforts, then it’s meditation. It’s not easy as it sounds but with regular practice one can definitely fall in track with their mind and body. For people of any age and status, especially for working professionals and students, indulging in a session of meditation daily will help in relaxing and destressing.

2) Read books

If your daily schedule is not packed with chores, targets or deadlines then the best thing to do is gather as much knowledge as possible. Getting a paperback edition of your must reads might be a difficult task but you can definitely get the digital version or e-books. Explore various genres and don’t limit to one.

3)  Learn new skill

New skills are always an advantage for your career. When it comes to learning a new skill, it need not always be about complicated and challenging courses or projects. Take up basic courses to study new language, programming, digital marketing, management methods, entrepreneurship skills, etc. And with various websites offering free and affordable packages for online courses, Udemy being one good example, the options for you are in plenty!

4) YouTube for creation

Thanks to YouTube and its innumerable creators, we have a platform to reach out to for everything and anything! From travelling videos to tutorials, beauty channels to cooking videos, gaming to animated videos, movies to commercial content, and much more, YouTube is your one-stop destination for fun, entertainment and learning. You could also be a digital content creator and make your talents and works be recognised by all!

5) Attend virtual seminars and sessions

Even during a pandemic, hustlers are going to hustle! There are various online seminars and events organised by institutions, entrepreneurs, universities and content creators to impart knowledge, entertain and reach out to others. Be it related to business, management, art, creativity, technology, academics, psychology or therapy sessions, there are online platforms and sources which are accessible to people who are seeking help.