Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Digital Marketing

MBA in Digital Marketing


The MBA (Digital Marketing) is an analytics pathway through our dynamic and modern MBA degree - designed to create marketing business leaders of the future.

The swiftly changing business contexts, technological advancements and social transformations mean marketing operations now highl rely upon generation, interpretations and analysis of digital data. This course seeks to develop the numerical and analytical skills needed to decipher data sets that are relevant to marketers. It produces a particular focus upon two principal domains in its design – big data and customer relationship management (CRM). This allows marketers to make sense of data and aid marketing decision making. Our programme will significantly benefit students with solid numerical skills and an aptitude for data analysis relevant to business decision making. Everything about our MBA is geared towards your career development, ensuring you graduate with a clearer vision of your future, so you can be sure you're learning the leadership skills that employers need, and our expert faculty have the depth of knowledge to turn your passion and ambition into a realisable goal.

This MBA degree includes all nine courses featured in the core MBA degree program, plus three courses focused on specialized digital marketing topics:

  • Digital Strategy and Planning
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing Communications

Renowned faculties from industry and reputed universities in the UK bring in real-world expertise. This would allow you to apply concepts learned in the program to the final project and create your digital strategy when you return to work.

We believe every businessman or professional must possess all the knowledge taught on our course here. Ascencia Business School is an established school for decades with top rankings across all rewarding institutions. With the partnership with ATMS in the middle east, the MBA course is taught over Microsoft Teams in line with the pandemic’s restrictions. However, they will soon resume at our state of the art facilities. Our faculty are highly qualified and are also recognised names within their respective fields.

With our exceptional teaching and easy-to-understand curriculum, you will build a robust foundation for your own business, employment or further study.